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Rage, the Flower Thrower


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Rage, the Flower Thrower, Flower Bomber, or Love is in the Air
Street art
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why we love it

“Rage, Flower Thrower” is one of Banksy’s most iconic pieces, created in 2003 and highlighted in his book “Wall and Piece” (2005). This powerful stencil artwork depicts a masked protester poised to throw a bouquet of flowers, rather than a weapon. The contrast between the protester’s aggressive stance and the peaceful nature of the flowers symbolizes the potential for peace and nonviolent resistance in the face of conflict.

The image can be seen near Jerusalem, on an unknown facade in an unremarkable location, supposedly now overlaid with plexiglass for its preservation, though war may not respect it.
The location is particularly significant due to the image’s meaning: peace, and the piece captures Banksy’s unique ability to blend political commentary with striking visual imagery, promoting a message of hope and reconciliation amidst turmoil.

Using graffiti to communicate, Banksy presents social and political themes that should concern us, making us think and reflect on issues that sometimes make us uncomfortable and that we often avoid.

Interestingly, Banksy has fought in court over the copyright of this work against a postcard company, but the courts have denied him the rights because, with his identity hidden, he cannot prove his authorship.

Flower Thrower became so popular that 150 signed silkscreen versions and 600 unsigned versions were published, and a copy with the lettering of the CCCP Soviet republics was auctioned in London in 2023 for £53,340.

Everything related to the artist Banksy is shrouded in mystery and fascination. Banksy is a pseudonymous England-based street artist, political activist, and film director known for his distinctive, satirical street art and subversive epigrams. His works combine dark humor with graffiti executed in a distinctive stenciling technique. Banksy’s art has appeared on streets, walls, and bridges worldwide, often incorporating social and political commentary that challenges the status quo.
Despite his global fame, Banksy’s true identity remains unknown, adding an element of mystery to his provocative and impactful works, but it doesn’t really matter who is behind the name Banksy; there are many rumors and assumptions. What truly matters is that his influence extends beyond the art world, contributing to discussions on topics like war, consumerism, and human rights.

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