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Anish Kapoor




Anish Kapoor: Destierro, 2017; My Red Homeland, 2003; At the Edge of the World II, 1998. Photos: David Stjernholm

Anish Kapoor, the British-Indian maestro of contemporary art, has transformed the ARKEN Museum with his awe-inspiring sculptures and installations that sprawl across its spaces. “Anish Kapoor – Unseen” marks the first major solo exhibition in Scandinavia dedicated to his groundbreaking oeuvre.

At the core of Kapoor’s art lies the exploration of absence and void, where he gives tangible form to the intangible.
In this exhibition, visitors are invited to immerse themselves in Kapoor’s distinctive universe, where a curated selection of his monumental masterpieces spanning over four decades takes center stage.

Each artwork serves as a gateway to Kapoor’s exploration of materiality, form, and perception, inviting viewers to contemplate the mysteries that lie beyond the visible realm.

Ishøj, Copenhagen




“The work itself has a complete circle of meaning and counterpoint. And without your involvement as a viewer, there is no story.”


Anish Kapoor

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