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Antoni Tàpies

The Practice of Art



© Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona/VEGAP, Madrid, 2024.

In commemoration of Antoni Tàpies’ centennial birth year (1923–2012), the Museo Reina Sofía and Fundació Antoni Tàpies have curated an expansive exhibition, showcasing over 220 pieces sourced from museums and private collections worldwide.

This exhibition offers a comprehensive insight into Tàpies’ artistic journey from 1943 to 2012, bringing together works that have rarely been exhibited together before.
By spotlighting his prolific career and contextualizing his oeuvre within the broader landscape of contemporary art history, this exhibition offers a fresh perspective on Tàpies’ enduring impact.





My illusion is to have something to transmit. If I can’t change the world, at least I want to change the way people look at it.


Antoni Tapies

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