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Jordi Colomer

Façana Foto Festa Futur Fideus



Jordi Colomer (b. 1962) is a contemporary Spanish artist known for his multidisciplinary approach, encompassing video, photography, sculpture, and installation.

His work often explores themes of urbanism, architecture, and social dynamics, frequently incorporating elements of performance and narrative. Colomer’s art is characterized by its playful yet critical engagement with the built environment and the ways in which individuals interact with their surroundings. His innovative projects have been exhibited internationally, establishing him as a significant figure in contemporary art.

The exhibition offers a comprehensive overview of Colomer’s work across various genres, including sculpture, collage, photography, video, installations, and live performances, spanning from the late 1980s to today. Rather than merely outlining the artist’s career progression, this extensive collection aims to highlight elements that allow us to appreciate his body of work as a cohesive whole.






This the artist’s most ambitious exhibition with over 50 works from the late 80s.


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