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Josep Renau

Making operational art. Designing the future



Josep Renau / The best Add, 1947. IVAM Institut Valencià d’Art Modern, Generalitat. Depósito Fundación Renau, Valencia ,

Josep Renau (1907-1982) was a prominent Spanish artist and political activist known for his impactful work in graphic design, photomontage, and mural painting.

Born in Valencia, Renau was a key figure in the Spanish Civil War’s artistic propaganda efforts, using his art to support the Republican cause.
His innovative photomontages, which blended surrealism with social critique, gained international recognition. After the war, Renau went into exile, first to Mexico and later to East Germany, where he continued to produce politically charged artworks.

Renau’s legacy is marked by his unwavering commitment to using art as a tool for social and political commentary, making him a significant figure in 20th-century art.





More than one hundred and fifty works, posters, magazines, documents and photomontages made by Renau during his republican period.


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