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María Blanchard

A Painter in Spite of Cubism



@Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía & Private Collections

María Blanchard (1881-1932) was a pioneering Spanish painter known for her significant contributions to the Cubist movement.
Born in Santander, Spain, she moved to Paris, where she became part of the vibrant avant-garde art scene and developed a close association with artists like Juan Gris and Diego Rivera.
Blanchard’s work is characterized by its bold use of color, geometric forms, and expressive intensity, blending Cubist abstraction with a deeply personal touch.

Despite facing numerous challenges, including physical disability and financial hardships, she maintained a prolific artistic output and gained recognition for her unique vision and technical prowess.
Her legacy endures as a testament to her resilience and innovative spirit in early 20th-century art.





“I have made some decisions, I will never be able to return from. I have realized and accept that there’s no turning back.”


Marie Blanchard

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