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Pierre Huyghe




Pierre Huyghe, Umwelt — Annlee, 2018-2024, Courtesy the artist and Galerie Chantal Crousel © Pierre Huyghe, by SIAE 2023 © Pierre Huyghe - Kamitani Lab / Kyoto University and ATR.

Pierre Huyghe is a renowned French contemporary artist known for his innovative and interdisciplinary approach to art.
His works often blend elements of film, sculpture, and installation, creating immersive environments that challenge traditional boundaries between the human and non-human. Huyghe’s art explores themes of time, memory, and the coexistence of different life forms, engaging viewers in a dialogue about the nature of existence and the potential for new realities.
His thought-provoking and dynamic creations have earned him international acclaim and numerous exhibitions worldwide and it has long explored the relationship between the human and non-human, envisioning his works as speculative fictions that reveal new ways of understanding the world.

In “Liminal,” Huyghe transforms Punta della Dogana into a dynamic, responsive environment that is continuously evolving.
The exhibition exists in a transient state, inhabited by both human and non-human entities, and becomes a space where identities are constantly forming, learning, and merging.






“Fictions are vehicles for accessing the possible or the impossible—what could be or could not be.”


Pierre Huyghe

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