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John Singer Sargent

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John Singer Sargent (1856-1925) was an American painter renowned for his exquisite portraits and refined technique.  His work is characterized by its vibrant brushwork, masterful use of light, and elegant compositions. Sargent painted a wide array of subjects, including notable figures of his time, landscapes, and genre scenes. His masterpieces, such as “Portrait of Madame X” and “Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose,” remain highly regarded and influential in the world of art.

This exhibition offers fresh insights into John Singer Sargent’s renowned works, revealing how he operated like a stylist to shape the image of his sitters, many of whom he knew well. Sargent utilized fashion as a potent means of expressing identity and personality, often selecting or altering his subjects’ clothing.

Nearly 60 of his paintings will be on display, including significant portraits that seldom travel. The exhibition will also feature several period garments alongside the portraits in which they were worn.

Sargent had a keen eye for detail and often used clothing to express the personality and social status of his subjects. His ability to render luxurious fabrics and intricate details in garments added a layer of depth and realism to his portraits. Through his art, Sargent highlighted the interplay between fashion and identity, making his works not only artistic achievements but also insightful commentaries on the sartorial elegance of his era.



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John Singer Sargent

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