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The Lost Caravaggio:

the Ecce Homo Unveiled



This is a movie-like story: since its appearance at an auction in 2021, this work has represented one of the greatest discoveries in the history of art.

Alerted by the Prado Museum, the Government of Spain stopped the auction, which started at just €1,500, for this Caravaggio painting, thus preventing it from leaving Spain. Acquired for more than 30M€ by a private collector, to whom we say Thank you, Thank you! it is available to visit in Madrid until February 2025.

The work belongs to the last stage of the painter’s artistic and life maturation, which triggered a metamorphosis of his art and marked a before and after in the History of Art.





Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to see this unique and highly valuable discovery, which becomes one of the 60 known works by Caravaggio thanks to the generosity of the private collector who has loaned it to the Prado Museum for our enjoyment.


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