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Willem de Kooning




Pirate (Untitled II), 1981, oil on canvas, 88 x 77 inches (223,4 x 194,4 cm) Museum of Modern Art, New York. Sidney and Harriet Janis Collection Fund, 1982 / © 2024 The Willem de Kooning Foundation, SIAE

Willem de Kooning, one of the 20th century’s most groundbreaking and influential artists, will be featured in a major exhibition at the Temporary Exhibitions Halls of the Gallerie dell’Accademia in Venice.

Coinciding with the 60th International Venice Biennale, this exhibition is the first to delve into de Kooning’s time in Italy during 1959 and 1969 and the significant influence these visits had on his work. The exhibition will showcase around 75 pieces, making it the largest collection of de Kooning’s work ever displayed in Italy.

This event offers a rare chance to experience the masterpieces of this extraordinary artist of the twentieth century.



“I might work on a painting for a month, but it has too look like I painted it in a minute.”


Willem de Kooning

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